30 Narig Street, Veterans Village, Project 7, Quezon City, Philippines
Telephone: 632.374.5239 / 632.374.4183
Fax: 632.374.4175
Email: info@designplusph.com

Design Plus is a total graphic solutions provider with more than two-decade track record of going beyond clients’ expectations.

Starting as a modest offset and letterpress printshop in 1985, Design Plus grew from providing simple commercial offset printing solutions to complete editorial and graphic design packages. Presently a one-stop shop for a wide range of print media needs, Design Plus offers the most cost- and time-efficient integrated solutions that meet the stringiest requirements and most critical deadlines.

As a company, Design Plus is marked by committed management, crisp vision, and a strong entrepreneurial spirit. Always on the leading edge of creativity and technology, we consistently upgrade our imaging hardware and software to keep up with a market that is becoming increasingly sophisticated. All these to live up beyond expectations.

Design Plus has the following three (3) main service divisions:

Conventional Offset Division
Design Plus is equipped with Heidelberg and Komori Offsets, from single color to multi-color machines designed to meet the demands of clients needing press run from mid (1,000 cps.) to high volume (in million cps) copies.

Digital Offset Division
Equipped with a HP Indigo Digital Offset Press machine, this division is targeting end-users and commercial clients with very short running requirements (from one copy to a few hundred copies) and do not like to compromise quality. Because Digital Offset eliminated the use of color-separations and plates, full color printing becomes very fast and efficient, straight from workstations to the digital offset machines.

Indoor Large-format Division
With the cability of printing very large applications like photowalls, our Indoor Large Format division can produce almost all kinds of advertising and marketing collaterals using a wide range of material substrates.